World Class Indifference would like to extend a special thanks to the many people
who have helped make our team what it is today. Behind every successful scene on stage there is an artist, web designer, teacher, or advisor helping to make it happen. Thank you!

Website Design:
Robert Tedesco.
Responsible for putting the "face" on our virtual presence, Rob designs websites when he isn't busy in
venting at Walker Digital or writing his weekly newspaper column.

Ramon Peralta and Vin Bondi.
They can make people appear in photo shoots they never attended, salvage embarrassingly bad photos by James, and design an elegant team card all over a quick Thai food lunch. Quite simply wizards with a Mac.


James Jorasch, Jamie Gerelli, and Jason Skinder.
Jason won the first High Ridge Park photography contest (click here to see his winning shot), dominating the event with a first or second place vote from 9 of 11 judges. 'Nuff said.

Technical Advisors:

John Packes and Mike Patterson.
Need your website to generate 3D avatars based on customer profiles that walk customers through a complex design process in any of six languages? John can do that with Flash in about 14 seconds. Check out his company for more Flash miracles. Mike, a veteran of the video game business, knows how to add a measure of just the right action.

David Ness.
Watch for samples of his work coming to this website soon!

Video Processing:
Mike Patterson.
Need that video you took at your Brother's wedding in 1987 formatted to appear clearly on a Sony PSP? Mike is your man.

Streaming Video Player:
John Packes
Did you enjoy the streaming videos of our latest performances? Flash programming guru John Packes cooked up a customer player for us in a couple hours. Need some flash for your own website? Contact him at

Ari Voukydis.
Several members of World Class Indifference honed their skills in classes offered at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Love him or hate him, you can't leave one of Ari's classes without knowing more about improv.

Theater Operators:
Brad Barton.
The Director of Gotham City Improv, Brad has provided invaluable guidance and help to our team. Our vote for the nicest guy in improv.