James heads the inventing department at Walker Digital and is a named inventor on more than 250 issued patents. He is the founder of Science House. He has spoken at conferences on topics as diverse as the nature of creativity, security in the gaming industry, and entrepreneurial pitfalls. James appeared on CNN and in Forbes magazine. He was an Area Governor of Toastmasters and grew Greater Stamford Toastmasters into one of the 10 largest Toastmasters clubs in the world.
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James Jorasch

Gilda is a speaker, trainer and coach who helps people improve their presentation and communication skills so they can become more successful. She achieves these results by combining her extensive business experience with a talent for improvisational performance and a belief that with the right training and practice, everyone can become a more effective communicator. She has worked with clients throughout North America and in Europe, China and India.
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Gilda Bonanno

Melanie, owner of Red Inc., is a job interview coach, job search coach and resume writer. She's been a hiring manager for over 15 years and has seen more than her share of good, bad and downright ugly resumes (and candidates). Most of her career has been spent in Arts Marketing—which is an interesting story unto itself—as well as working for a market research company in New York City as a Vice President Account Manager to Fortune 500 firms. She started Red Inc. 6 years ago to provide people feedback and ways to improve their written and verbal presentation skills in their resume and job interview to land their next job. Click here to read more about Melanie.
Melanie Szlucha

Chris works as a programmer at FactSet and does stand-up comedy in Manhattan. He has performed at Caroline's, Stand-up New York, and can be seen most Friday evenings at The Duplex. Click here to learn more about Chris.
Chris Harwood

Dana has been acting in plays and performing improv comedy for many years. He was a performer and director of University of Massachusetts' Mission Improvable, founder and director of RPI's Sheer Idiocy, and a founding member of Albany's "Just Good Friends" and Stamford Playback Theater. Favorite stage roles include Stevie in the UMass production of "Escape from Happiness" and Sydney Bruhl in RPI's "Deathtrap". He is an ACBL-certified bridge director and teacher. Dana is originally from Monson, MA. Click here to learn more about Dana.
Dana Rossi

Jamie is a sales executive with experience in software licensing, business continuity, and disaster recovery solutions. His diverse public speaking experiences range from hosting a Microsoft technology conference on software licensing to working technology trade shows. His 15 years of sales presentation experience coupled with several years of intensive Toastmasters training make him uniquely qualified to critique and advise sales teams. For recreation he enjoys kayaking and hiking. Click here to learn more about Jamie.
Jamie Gerelli

Nancy is a speaker, trainer and coach with over 15 years experience working to enhance health, performance and productivity on the job. As Founder and President of her own New York City-based company, she grew it to a client base of more than 50 major corporations. She has spoken at International Conferences, appeared as an expert on CBS News, and was selected for “Who’s Who of American Women.” Nancy has performed improv comedy for several years, appearing in several shows and FIRST NIGHT in Rye, New York.
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Nancy Follis

Chris has been with World Class Indifference from the very start. He has been performing Improv since 2002. You may have seen him perform at Gotham City Improv or Planet Hollywood in New York City as well as many other various locations throughout the Tri-state area. He has also hosted various birthday roasts and most recently a murder mystery (Clue style). Chris has also done some television work – most recently an exercise infomercial and he was on the MTV program Silent Library as a notorious "fly swatter." He is a counselor for adolescent girls in Norwalk, CT. Click here to learn more about Chris.
Chris Noel-Bentley

Chris develops and delivers technical training for EMC. He pursued improvisational comedy as a way to keep his captive audiences awake and attentive. He has been performing with WCI since  2007. His other intersts include playing bad golf and grilling great steaks. Click here to learn more about Chris.
Chris Dube

Christina performs educational assembly programs for elementary schools, mostly on the Founding Fathers. Her specialty is bringing historical greats to life with puppets, interactive teaching, and music. For Christina, you never know what's in your own head, and that's why she loves comedy improv. Also, it's a pleasure to work with her WCI team members who are ready to jump into the unknown on stage with her.
Christina Frei