In addition to our public performances, the team performs at corporate functions and conducts workshops for companies and organizations. We can both entertain and train your employees. We can perform Improv and then bring your employees up on stage as a team building exercise or creativity booster. Because many of the team members of World Class Indifference are trained public speakers (James, Melanie, Nancy, Jamie, and Gilda - many having competed at the District level in Toastmasters speech competitions), we are uniquely able to offer a wide range of speaking consulting such as presentations critiques and sales force evaluations. We can create a custom program based on the needs of your company. Following are just a few of the workshops that our team can facilitate for your company or organization:

Our team can entertain your employees. Whether it is the kickoff to a sales meeting or the conclusion of an employee appreciation dinner, our team can provide a memorable evening of fun. And if you are feeling adventurous, we can arrange to have your employees join us on stage and participate in some of our improv games (click here to see descriptions of some of our games).

Memory Training Workshop
This two to three hour seminar can help employees retain complex company product info or help remember the names of key prospective customers. Rather than a standard lecture, this workshop engages the audience throughout by guiding them through a series of memory exercises. Because all memory systems are based on the conversion of words/numbers/dates into easy to remember vivid images, this workshop uses Improv techniques to help unleash the creativity needed to improve memory. Click here for more info.

Presentation Skills Workshop
Has your company entered a new phase in which senior executives will now be increasingly speaking at conferences or large meetings? One or more members of our team can work with them to:  

  • Reduce stage fright
  • Effectively use body language
  • Improve vocal variety to enhance the message
  • Learn to command the stage
  • Work effectively with props
  • Avoid common traps in PowerPoint presentations

Click here for more info.

Creativity Workshops

As business becomes more and more competitive, companies are forced to turn to innovation to stay competitive. In this seminar, participants will learn how to expand their creative potential and more effortlessly tap into a flow of ideas. We use Improv games to help participants develop the creativity within. Participants will learn how to push themselves creatively, using Improv games to push the boundary of what they thought was possible. Click here for more details.

Interview Skills Workshops
Interviews are conversations, not interrogations. A job interview is about knowing yourself and clearly communicating your experience and ideas to a prospective employer. An interviewer wants to know if there are some skills in your experience that fit with the skills required for the open position. Unfortunately most people don't know what experiences an interviewer would be interested in hearing, are not adept at giving an interviewer the details they need to make a decision, and are so nervous that they never relax enough to share a genuine smile. You need an impartial, experienced coach to give you the feedback you need. You also need a way to prepare that gives you the confidence to answer ANY question. Click here to learn more.