Here are some comments from attendees of our January 2008 Toastmasters Workshop and Class:

"The workshop and the class this past Thursday were outstanding! I used to be (and still am sometimes) exceedingly shy. After your class, I thought 'I can't believe I just did this!'. Your group creates such a positive and supportive environment, that even a very timid person feels comfortable giving improv a try, trusting that everybody will be supportive."
Karin vonKaenel, Lt. Governor Education, Toastmasters District 53

The World Class Indifference presentation does an excellent job of getting people comfortably out of their "comfort zones" and turning learning communication and teamwork into a very fun time. The "exercises" were more like interactive games that made people actually eager to volunteer and participate. I both heartily and happily recommend attending their programs. You won't be disappointed.
Marv Cross

I would like to thank Jeff Stern, The Greater Stamford Toastmasters, and "World Class Indifference" for an outstanding experience this past Tuesday, January 22. The many lessons and techniques I learned in just 2 hours will be invaluable to me in all of my future presentations.
Geoff Thomas, CC/ALB President UHC Toastesters

Here are some comments from attendees of our June 12th 2006 workshop at the American Society of Training and Development:

"World Class Indifference will challenge you to be outside of your comfort zone and have "fun" doing it. They are masters of the improv with talented actors sharing useful themes and tools which you can use in your company or team-building practice."
Douglas Campbell III - Executive Coach

“What a great way for our ASTD chapter to end the year! Lots of energy and really pushed me out of my comfort zone!”

Here are some comments from attendees of Gilda and Melanie's October 30th 2006 workshop at the National Speakers Association CT meeting:

"Excellent – you both did wonderful work regarding the exercises, modeling, and making me comfortable."
Reggie Marra

“Excellent. Fun, relaxed, knowledgeable, open. Well done Gilda & Melanie.”
Kevin Carroll

"I learned a technique I will use in my work the rest of my life. The program was great! I rate the facilitators an A+."
Jon Barb


Here are some comments from attendees of our November 5th keynote presentation at the Toastmasters Fall Conference:

"It was the most fun I've had in years!"
Stephanie J.

"They'll get you to loosen up and have fun."
Terry S.

"Stimulating, Creative, and Entertaining!"
Virginia Kravitz, Professional Life Coach

Eileen S.

Judy F.

"Absolutely beyond commonplace description."
Bill H.

"I can use these techniques with my students to build a positive classroom community and improve their communication skills."
Sara M., Teacher

"It was Inspiring!"
Sharon W.

"I loved the positive energy of attendees that permeated the entire event. It really feels good to be among turned on Toastmasters! For me the highlight was the improv session by World Class Indifference. Their process took the group to a real high and I'm seeing their improv exercises as applicable in a variety of venues in our District...even at club meetings where a spark of new energy is needed."
Will Ryan, Toastmasters Lieutenant Governor of Marketing

"The best part of the program was the improvisation theater; everyone could participate and it was funny."
Gale Kotlikova

"The "Improv" group activity was super, particularly after a full day - we needed the extra spark."
Bob Benn, Toastmasters Area F4 Governor

"I loved the improv-people, I want to try that as part of table topics or work it into a speech."
Christina VanHoesen, Toastmasters Area F1 Governor

Here are some comments from attendees of our recent private party in which we did a roast of one of the clients:

"They totally nailed the guy, revealing everything that was funny about him. Hilarious and devastating, yet delivered in a playful way that didn't offend."
Evan S., author of two books on inventing

"Truly Excellent. Great job."
Jose S., COO of client company

Here are some of the things people have been saying about recent World Class Indifference performances:

"I was truly impressed.  I've seen several shows at Gotham City Improv and
they were the best."

Irina F.

"I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes!"
Christina O.

"This show captures the spirit of imagination into a comedy bottle and bubbles with laughter in every swallow. A must see indeed."
Jesse B.

"If you like spontaneous improv, I highly recommend this show."
Mike B.

"What a great way to unwind after a lousy week!"
Cecilia B.

"Very clever dialog."
Fred F.

"Looking for a great way to unwind after a long week? WCI will get you into the weekend spirit in record time. The show is guaranteed to keep you laughing and cheering."
Nancy C.

Here are some of the things people have said about our corporate workshops:

"I thought last night was fantastic! I am still laughing over what went on. I think the bartender, manager and waitress must have thought we were totally nuts but I'm sure they could tell we were all having a ball! Thanks again for making our summer party such a treat..."
Marci S.

"I found it easy to participate. The programs stimulated my creativity."
Paul S.

Here are some of the things people have said about Gilda's training workshops on using improv to develop public speaking skills:

"She’s hilarious, fun, personable and made learning the material seem like nothing."
Danielle A.

"10 out of 10. The presentation was awesome. I learned a lot and also had fun. Laughed a lot!"
Lela C.

"Fantastic – got the info across in a fun and funny way. I had a lot of fun with this."
Jen D.

"I enjoyed the presentation. It was interesting and informative. I had fun while learning."

Here are some of the things people have said about James and Chris's Memory Skills Workshops:

"Excellent workshop - an entertaining evening learning tricks that you can use immediately. A great introduction to the science of remembering."
Everett B.

"One of the best two-hour investments I've made. Thanks very much. Superb job!"
Phebe O.

"James did a phenomenal job of using real examples of how his memory techniques truly work."
Chris P.

"A remedy for faulty memories - with no side effects."
Hollie B.

"The program shows that anyone can learn the 'tricks' to good (or better) memory."
Joyce M.

"I especially enjoyed learning the Roman Room method of giving speeches. I think it will prove very helpful in my presentations."
Amy D.