Follow these links to various Improv theaters and other fun and useful sites:

Improv Theaters in Manhattan

  • Chicago Improv Olympic - Chicago is the home of Improv, and no Improv organization is more active today than Chicago Improv Olympic.

  • Toastmasters International - Toastmasters is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people improve their speaking skills, with more than 10,000 clubs and 200,000 members throughout the world.

  • Greater Stamford Toastmasters - One of the largest and most competitive Toastmasters clubs in the world, Greater Stamford Toastmasters served as a training ground for several members of World Class Indifference.

Improv Comedy Websites

Connecticut Improv Comedy Groups

Other Improv Comedy Groups

  • Sheer Idiocy - This improv group was founded and initially directed by Dana Rossi. The website includes a bunch of great improv games and exercises.

  • Mission: Improvable - This group does weekly Saturday improv shows. Dana Rossi was a cast member from 1993 to 1997 and was the director in the Fall of 1994.