Presenter: World Class Indifference Comedy Improv Group

Title: "Using Improv Techniques to Help You Become A Better Speaker"

You hear the Table Topics question and your mind goes blank. You feel silly standing in front of the audience talking about your last fishing trip. Your speech evaluator asks for more details in your speech and more animation in your delivery. Sound familiar?
Improv comedy techniques can help you with all of these situations as well as others that Toastmasters face. The facilitators, experienced Toastmasters and members of an improv comedy troupe that performs regularly in Manhattan and Fairfield County, will introduce and demonstrate basic techniques of improv comedy. Then you'll have a chance to practice these techniques in small and large groups.
In this interactive and informative session, you'll learn how to become comfortable unleashing your creativity and how to use the right words to give the audience the details that will make your speech come alive. You will discover how to use your voice and body language to connect to your audience. You will walk away with practical ideas to try out the next time you give a speech or answer a Table Topics question. Whether you are a new Toastmaster or a seasoned veteran, you'll have fun as you learn ways to improve your speaking.

Bio: The World Class Indifference comedy improv group is composed of 5 Toastmasters from the Greater Stamford, Norwalk and Purdue Pharma Toastmaster clubs. These accomplished Toastmasters are known for competing at District Level competitions. The other talented members of the team are veteran improv performers and have performed as stand-up comedians in NYC and as actors in several community theatre productions. The performers will be James Jorasch ATM-S AL, Nancy Follis-Wilms DTM, Gilda Bonanno CTM, Jamie Gerelli CTM, Chris Noel-Bentley, Chris Harwood, and Dana Rossi.