Gilda Bonanno

In addition to facilitating high-energy, client-focused training programs, Gilda speaks about leadership, motivation, communication and humor to groups ranging from engineers to healthcare professionals to investment bankers. Her first speech was to an audience of more than 2000 at her college graduation, where she shared the stage with commencement speaker James Earl Jones. Gilda also coaches individuals in presentation skills, working with them to overcome their fear of public speaking, sharpen their skills and eliminate the barriers to letting their voices be heard.

She is Immediate Past President of the Southern CT chapter of the American Society for Training and Development and President-elect of the CT chapter of the National Speakers Association. She is a certified Project Management Practitioner (PMP), has a certificate in Process Reengineering and has earned an Advanced Business Certificate in Management from the University of Connecticut School of Business. Her expertise in process improvement and project management allows her to help clients use their communication and presentation skills to solve business problems.

Gilda is also a member of Toastmasters International where she has held several club leadership positions. She is also a frequent participant in speech contests and has placed 2nd in the District-level International and Humorous Speech contests and 1st in the District-level Tall Tales contest. She also delivered her contest speeches at the 2005 and 2006 Regional Conference Speech Showcase in Falls Church, Virginia and Rutherford, New Jersey.

She has held a number of interesting jobs, including Instructor of history at a community college, Archives Specialist at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library, Process Improvement Manager at a pharmaceutical company and Teacher of English as a Second Language.

More information about Gilda and her services can be found at her website

Audio files of some of Gilda's interviews/presentations:

Interview from USmile Radio
August 1, 2007

"Break Out of Your Comfort Zone"
Delivered at Toastmasters District Contest May 13, 2006

"3120 Less Minutes of Stress"
Delivered at the Toastmasters Regional Conference (at the Humorous Speech Showcase) on June 10, 2005


What people have said about Gilda’s speeches, classes and coaching:

• “The exercises were fun and interactive while still delivering a very important message. Your style is welcoming and really invites the group to be engaged. Thank you for your time and energy in, once again, delivering a top notch presentation.”

Nancy Margiano, Asst. Vice President, Director of Sales Training & Development, Family Security Plan

• “Congratulations on the excellent presentation given at the SNEC conference. Presentation skills are so basic to what a project manager does it continues to amaze me that there is so little emphasis on such a critical PM tool. Your presentation was very entertaining as well as educational - the best kind! I particularly enjoyed your alphabet game which highlighted the need to think on your feet while effectively showing how much easier it is when you let yourself have fun. Thank you for your excellent contribution to the conference attendees. ”

Dick Kennedy, Director of Corporate Sponsorship, PMI Central Mass

• “Gilda Bonanno took me from A to Z in the process of preparing and delivering presentations. Her professional manner, calm presence, sense of humor and encouragement helped me to overcome my fear of the public speaking experience. Gilda supported me through the planning, writing, visual, presenting and follow up segments. She provided a wealth of information and ideas - always keeping in mind not only my needs, but also those of my audience. It has been my pleasure to recommend Gilda to my peers because of the high quality of her service.”

Ruth Ann DeSantis, Certified Life Coach

• “Thank you for being so clear, open, funny and a wonderful listener. When you made your points on improvement, they were very thought-out and easy to receive.”

Sandy Progano, MediaCom Inc.

• “This was one of the funniest if not the funniest thing I have ever done in college. Freakin’ awesome presentation.”



Toastmasters Speech Contest Results:

2006 Regional Level Humorous Speech Showcase Participant
2006 Tall Tales Contest- 1st Place at District Level (highest level for this contest)
2006 International Speech Contest - 2nd Place at District Level
2005 Humorous Speech Contest - 2nd Place at Area Level
2005 International Speech Contest - 3rd Place at District Level
2005 Regional Level Humorous Speech Showcase Participant
2004 Humorous Speech Contest - 2nd Place at District Level
2004 International Speech Contest - 2nd Place at Area Level
2003 Humorous Speech Contest - 2nd Place at Area Level


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Southern CT Chapter, American Society for Training and Development