Interviews are conversations, not interrogations.

A job interview is about knowing yourself and clearly communicating your experience and ideas to a prospective employer.

An interviewer wants to know if there are some skills in your experience that fit with the skills required for the open position. They also want to like you since once you get the job you'll end up spending a LOT of time together.

Unfortunately most people don't know what experiences an interviewer would be interested in hearing, are not adept at giving an interviewer the details they need to make a decision, and are so nervous that they never relax enough to share a genuine smile.

There are two things you need in this situation:

1. What experiences you've had that an interviewer would be interested in hearing. (the TODAY method of identifying meaningful experiences).

2. How to tell those stories (sound-bites) in a meaningful way to an interviewer.

Getting feedback from friends and loved ones (including pets) isn't enough when you need to land that perfect job. Chances are they've heard your success stories a million times and can fill in the gaps for themselves. You need an impartial, experienced coach to give you the feedback you need. You also need a way to prepare that gives you the confidence to answer ANY question.

Help is just a click away--and is more affordable than you think. Contact us for a copy of the booklet Successful Job Interviews: REVEALED, to schedule a seminar or to schedule an individual coaching appointment.

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